The Big Lie

The biggest lie that American Neo-liberalism was able to perpetrate on the masses was that of the Middle Class Nation. We are the only country in the world that has no upper or lower classes, everybody is middle class. Ask a waitress and she’ll tell you she’s middle class. Ask a teacher and she’ll tell you she’s middle class. Ask a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief and you’ll find they are all middle class. Ask a banker and guess what? He’s middle class too. Damnedest thing you’ll ever see or hear. A country of princes and paupers but they are all middle class.

No wonder there’s not a class war. There’s only one class!

And then add to that “No money down, easy credit,” and now the waitress, the trash-man, the nurse’s aide can have all the affectations of the middle class without earning middle class wages and all it costs them in a signature on the dotted line. “Why of course the pool guy is middle class, look at his shiny new car.”

And then the bill came due.

The house got foreclosed, the car repossessed, and the charge accounts overdrawn and canceled. And who was to blame? Not the bankers (because they were middle class too). It must be


The government that takes our money and spends it on things we don’t want or need. The govt and all those govt workers who have those sweetheart deals that make them immune from downturns and bubbles. That’s who is to blame, those workers. They are getting our money, no TAKING our money and giving it in the form of cash, goods, and services to welfare queens and drug dealers and WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!

But aren’t the government workers middle class too?

We are all middle class, but some of us are more middle class than others.


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