The Nature of Capitalism

Capitalism is a lot like garlic

“A little goes a long way.”

If capitalism had been left to worlds of business and commerce, then all things would be honky dory and the morality of capitalism could be left to old men in comfy chairs smoking cigars and solving the problems of the ages in front of roaring fires while sipping well aged brandy.

But that is not what we have in real life.

Spheres of human endeavor where monetary issues like profit, loss, cost benefit analysis, return on investment, etc. should, at best, be only be tertiary considerations now are the only considerations. The education, health, and safety of the public is now either partially or in some cases fully privatized and its availability determined not by need nor want but ability to pay.

What does it say about a people who allow insurance schemes to dictate life and death to its citizenry?
What does it say about a people who provide teaching for rich students and testing for poor?
What does it say about a people who allow their culture to be branded, bound, bundled, bought and sold all in a race to the bottom where expression and imagination is replaced be addicting, mind-numbing, philistine emotional junk food of the soul, all filler with no nourishment?
What does it say about a people who claim to love democracy while all the while groveling for the smallest of attentions from the government they elect, but only a wealthy few actually control?
What does it say about a people whose fourth estate is not the voice of the people but the propaganda agent of that same wealthy few who seek only to fleece and eat the people?

This is not a moral people. This is not a righteous action. This is not even honest commerce. This is the devolution of the of species writ large, the worse demons of our nature set loose upon an unsuspecting world, the corruption of both of our greatest achievements, human civilization and the human spirit.

We are again but wretched beasts, fed at the trough awaiting ignoble slaughter.


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