The Conservative Tax Myth

Conservatives are not for low taxes, (otherwise they wouldn’t support the regressive Flat Tax).

They are for social control.

They are for people having the freedom to buy what they need from food to rights, then they institute policies for redistributing wealth into the hands of a few leaving the rest to do without guns, butter, and the wherewithal to protect the rights to either.

You need not outlaw abortion when you can just as easily pay starvation wages and then de-fund any way to subsidize the procedure.

You need not worry about any of the wrong ideas getting into the wrong heads if you can replace public education with for profit charters answerable to a board of directors in a corporate headquarters states away not to a school board elected and answerable to the citizenry

Privatization in the guise of reform leading to an indebted nation too impoverished to protect her citizens from the cruelties of the “markets.” A Citizenry forced to borrow from the very institutions that profit from the difference between increasing productivity and decreasing salaries; borrowing from the wealth the workers themselves created and the owners stole and used to place shackles on us all.

An indebted society is docile society, a controlled society, and unquestioning society; and who needs gated communities when the revolution won’t be televised, but only on offer as pay per view.


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