What Girls Don’t Want

I watched the new HBO show Girls.

I was not impressed.

The direction was good, cinematography was good, the performances were OK, I guess.

I didn’t like it.

I don’t like shows that depict self-indulgent behavior as acceptable. I don’t like shows about whiny women (particularly young whiny white women with college degrees and influential parents living in a city where thousands of children haven’t time to worry about dumb shit because they are on constantly the verge of homelessness, hunger, incarceration and deprivation), I don’t like shows too obsessed with themselves to take the time necessary to understand themselves.

I like this article tho.


But the show doesn’t just get race wrong, it gets class wrong, and from the episode I saw, it is even getting women wrong.

First the race thing.

Do you have to have black friends? No.
Black love interest? No.
Black landlord or whacky neighbor next door? No.

But really, no black people in restaurants, stores, elevators, ON THE SIDEWALK???
Strike that, one black man is on the sidewalk and he compliments the main character. He’s homeless and most likely insane but he allowed to use the sidewalk and flatter white woman.

Oh happy day.

The Asian woman (“the” as in the singular) is hired because she knows software? Really? This is as original as you can get?

Computer person, Asian
Homeless person, black.
This member of the viewing public, not surprised

Now class.

We travel, we attend university and finish, we lose parental support and then go to grandmother, we get to be eternal unpaid interns and NOT get the lights cut off or our possessions put out on the curb. And when we have problems (such as they are), we get to whine. We get to have mothers who actually make sense but are obviously evil and cruel, so we, the whiny and willfully weak, get all the sympathy even though we are wrong. And no doubt their therapists bills will get paid as will their medication bills and any other bills that may come up.

And finally, womanhood.

Why is the star having bad sex? Why are grown women sounding like twelve year olds? Why is a show about grown assed women called GIRLS?

All these things could be forgiven, hell even celebrated if not for the fact that the show doesn’t own what it is doing. It, like its main character, is denial about what it is. She is a young woman with ambition, talent, and a history of some damn lucky breaks and NONE of that has she decided to used to her own advantage. The show could be cutting edge and deep and timely …

we’ll see if it ever is


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