An Open Letter to the President of the United States Barack Obama

Why do you doubt Mr. President?

We who did not falter and did not fail that day in November 2008 for we knew the greatness in you, trusted you to know the loyalty and duty we held for you. For you to lead that we may follow, we voted for you, supported you, and support you still.

Even though many of us have felt slighted by you, ignored by you, forgotten by you, we still hold fast to our belief in you, and the sure and certain belief that our trust is not misplaced.

You are a smart man, a brilliant man, a man of learning, but also a man of heart, of compassion. You have let advisers and adversaries lead you away from what you know to be true, what you know to be right. The truth is lonely mistress, often left on her own, orphaned and alone, but she grows not lonely for she know no man of conscience can long stand outside her embrace.

Do you see us Mr. President?

We are hurting Mr. President. The thing most politic does not concern us, nor do those things that incentivize, criminalize or privatize. We sit in the dark and wait for the sheriff to come, for the collection calls to ring, for the pink slip in the pay packets, for the bills upon bills upon bills that burden us and bury us and in our agnosticism we pray for jubilee. We wait and watch and worry for the work we see needs our doing yet never comes with wages and hours sure, jobless we are Job and we wait and we watch and we see. Do you see Mr. President?

The debt is too much, the hours too long and the wages too few. We need relief. We want not bread without toil not drink without work and we hunger and thirst for honest employ and a fair compensation, But we wait as the well off look down on us and say we should work more for less. What is less than nothing? Slavery and indenture.

Our schools are not private, our teachers are not tenured in any real sense of the word, and our children do not learn by filling in bubbles with number two pencils.

Health insurance schemes are not what we lack but health care as 10s of thousands of us die not from disease but from a lack of prevention on the front end and attention on the back.

We send our sons and daughters to fight and die in war, and then we send them to fight and die in what we call peace and soon we will simply send them to die for …

Prices are too high, companies too ruthless, and economic protections too few and far between.

And still the babies come and the old ones die and the sick ones drag themselves on. And all, sir, look to you for even in the darkest hour, you are still a light called hope.

We hope that our warriors will one day all come home and find waiting a balm in this our Gilead.
We hope that one day our children will learn and question and think and grow to find the cures, solutions, and answers we cannot.
We hope that care for the sick be not an avenue for riches for a few and a dead end for the many.
We hope that in you, the man we still trust, there lives our champion who we still need.

We know you cannot do the big things, the hard things alone, that many stand against you not because you are evil but because you are good, and we tell you now, you are not alone.

When the enemy is at hand, we will stand with you.
When the opposition hurls its slings and arrows, we will take the injury for you
When the powers of wealth and privilege demand you step aside and allow them once more to trough while the multitudes starve, stand firm against them sure in the certain knowledge that you do not stand alone.

Why do you doubt Mr. President?

We do not. We still believe. We still Stand. And we together can and will make real the dream, and we as a people will make to the promised land.

We will follow, but first you must lead


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