The Birth of an Outside Agitator: Why I Fight.

This is where my politics begins

I start with the First Principle: Inherent worth and dignity of every human being.

Bill Schulz, the former President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and recently Executive Director of Amnesty International, USA, said it this way:

Our First Principle, “does not claim that every person has worth and dignity. Rather, it is an affirmation that worth and dignity are values we attribute to human beings. It is also a strategy, asserting that every person has certain fundamental rights, and that we can make the world a better place when we treat people as having worth and dignity, even if they do not treat us that way.”

Human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethic based on human and other natural values in the spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities.–from the Minimum Statement on Humanism

From the Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion

  1. All relations between persons ought ideally to rest on mutual, free consent and not coercion.
  2. Affirmation of the moral obligation to direct one’s effort toward the establishment of a just and loving community.
  3. Denial of the immaculate conception of virtue and affirmation of the necessity of social incarnation. Good must be consciously given form and power within history.

That’s a start. do I always live up to them? No. But I try.

What about you?


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