Why the Left Loses

Where lies the morality of your movement?


In no history of the United States has any movement or change come about devoid of an answer to that question and that answer not holding some sort of call upon divinity. It can be as concrete as Michelangelo’s God in the Sistine Chapel or as the amorphous as the Mystery spoken of in  more liberal than literal congregations, there must something bigger than self, stronger than self to compel self to action in the collective.


Barack Obama and the Democrats are having one helluva time of late with Romney and the Republicans.  The pundits will tell you it is the result of the lack luster showing of the President in the first debate, but Obama was having trouble before the debate in that he should have, by all accountings, had a massive lead going into the debates. Nothing he has done as president has shifted the rightward tilt of the political and social debate, nothing he has done has changed the legal or financial infrastructure of this country in any significant way, and nothing he has done that has endangered the wealth, power or prestige of the vaulted one percent. Outside of some tinkering to shore up the established order and some personal pronouncements that hold no power of law or enforcement, he has shaken no one’s foundation. No one should hate him so deeply or care so strongly about him being a one term president.


But Obama is a Democrat and that means he doesn’t make moral arguments because they might hurt someone’s feelings, because they are not be reasonable, because they WORK.


The right wing hate machine has somehow cornered the market on what is right and righteous in this country and because they have, they have managed to move debates long settled back into the mainstream and once there make the former winners of said debates unsure and uneasy in their victory or the rightness of their argument.


Occupy sprang up fully formed and taking names. One year later, it is either missing in action or elements of it co-opted into controllable spheres within the established order and the bandits of Wall Street are still holding sway in the halls of power. Occupy had the passion, the power, and the people on its side. What it did not have was the Prophet.


The left, in its overwhelming desire to be inclusive of all things and all people, has excluded the one thing that makes people-power powerful, moral agency. Where are your moral arguments? Where is your appeal to the rightness of your cause and to the decency in your audience? Where is the seduction of something greater than yourself?


We need not a Martin or a Malcolm, although both would be phenomenal, but someone sure, steady and convicted.  Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Fighting Bob Lafollette, none were clergy but all were moral and all could speak to the frightened and still the fear, speak to the doubtful and instill trust, could empower the powerless to stand up to wrong and make wrong bow.


Where is your moral outrage? What is your moral foundation? Until the left can answer that, all is just sound and fury signifying nothing


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