Why the Right Lost

The religious right doesn’t  get it.
In the wake of Tuesday’s elections, the RR is looking for people to blame for its losses and they have hit upon the culprit, …
Everybody else.

  • The republican party is too narrow, needs to reach out to Latinos.
  • Banning Gay Marriage was winner but it wasn’t pushed hard enough.
  • Romney wasn’t a genuine conservative plus he was a Mormon (and if Mormons are known for anything, it’s their long range, broad based liberal and reformist views).

What no one on the Religious right want’s to deal with is that maybe they lost because they were, are, have been and will be on the wrong side of history, that they think in small terms, that maybe they need to consider:

  • Their chosen party, the GOP, doesn’t need to reach out to more Latinos, their party needs to stop demonizing and scapegoating ALL people of color and non protestant faiths, period.
  • Gay Marriage isn’t the problem, denying civil rights to your fellow citizens is.
  • Romney’s credentials as a true conservative aren’t the issue, but nature of today’s practiced conservatism is.

The times and people of the United States are changing. People want solutions and truth and leadership with courage and compassion. Appealing to the hobgoblins of fear and not aspiring to a new vision of community will not nourish the spiritual hunger of  a people.


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