The New Myth of the Black Rapist (Bigger, Better, and Now Race Neutral)

I have been watching the testimony given by Gayle Trotter at the senate hearings regarding gun control. I kept wondering where I had that kind of logic before. It hit me a few days later. It is the same logic that said the Klan was needed to lynch black men. You see, the south fought anti lynch laws in order to protect white southern womanhood. Fear of the Klan was what kept black men from running wild and raping white women every chance they got. At no point in US history have we recorded mass rapes of white women by black men, but the myth of black rapist was enough to kill a lot of black men.

Gayle Trotter took that same logic, made it race neutral by speaking on young mothers with no requirement of race, and then put a gang on intruders in the stead of the single black rapist. But the logic is the same. No proof of actual occurrences of young mothers with multiple children fending off multiple attackers in their homes with the only weapon that can do the job properly being an assault weapon. Has this scenario happened? Not yet, but Trotter (and Colt, Remington, Smith&Wesson, etc.) want us to keep our powder (and hundred round clips) dry.


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