Black Santa Black Jesus: Living White in a Scary Brown World.

You don’t really think this is about Santa or Jesus, do you?

This is about defaults, norms, standards, and the control of all things good and enviable. It’s about iconography and defining yourself by the reflection you see in those images most cherished by society. It’s about the preservation of the primacy of whiteness. It’s about fighting the degradation and marginalization that comes from no longer being the majority but becoming a plurality or worse, just another minority.

At a time when many if not most of the younger generation (crossing barriers of race, gender and sometimes class) is coming together and shedding the definitions of the past, defining themselves and their world as an inclusive and organic community, reactionary elements in society are holding on with the last breath they can muster to a belief in a golden age where your whiteness gave you the benefit of the doubt of rightness.

First a black president and then a Latin American pope.

What is a reactionary to do?


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