Founding America: The Remix

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook
“recently on anthor post a friend argued that such things as food, shelter, and medicine are not basic rights, even here in america.”

My answer was

Your friend is right. They are not basic rights. But they should be. And they can be. Your friend makes a common mistake, he accepts the belief that America was founded once, when in reality it has been “founded” many times and is being “founded” even now as we speak.

The American Civil War was about “founding” a new nation, the reform movements of the turn of the last century, founded it again. The America of the 1950s was founded on the base set in place by the depression and WW2. The Civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s founded America again..

We invent and reinvent ourselves all the time and trying to hold onto some golden bygone era as the only measure of what is or can be American or a right is not only wrong…

it’s un-American.


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