A Damn Rant

The President just called out the GOP for refusing to pass “a darn bill.”

The last time the President said “damn,” conservatives lost their tiny minds and the Drudge Report ran a headline “President Goes Street.”

To which I say “So?”

Barack Obama is a grown ass man. And him saying “darn” like a six year old makes him sound like, well, a six year old. It is an attempt to “boy-ify” Obama and he’s going along with it so he won’t be seen as an angry black man.

But he is an angry black man. I am an angry black woman. And the people who voted for him, TWICE I may add, are all angry in every color in the rainbow of humanity.

Mr. President, we have much to be angry about. BE ANGRY! And if it upsets bigots, bullies and buffoons, GOOD!

if Clark Gable could say damn in 1939, then the POTUS can say damn in 2014. And he can say it any damn time he wants.

He grown and if anyone has a problem with him being grown, they can write their complaints on a piece of paper, fold it five ways, and stick it where the DAMN SUN DONT SHINE!


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