The Blessing and the Benediction of “Fuck You”

What I have learned these 48 years I have been on the planet in a black skin carrying a set of ovaries

To say “Fuck you.”

I will never make a bigot like me, but I can damn sure make him leave me the hell alone, get out of my damn way and shut the fuck up. And since nothing I do will ever make me what a bigot wants, to the bigots I say FUCK YOU and go about my business making me what I want to be.

That is my advice to Barack Obama.

To the POTUS I say this

The people who elected you have proven twice to outnumber the people who wanted to elect anyone but you. You have the mandate of the people. Use it. And yeah, a big part of the reason all those people voted for you and still hold hope that you will grow a pair and say to your detractors “You got a better idea, then lets hear it. If not, shut the hell up and get the fuck outta the way because the American people and I are getting on with living striving and thriving in 21st century”

You say that, the thuglicans will back down and the people will take back their houses and America can finally be the America we want to be. We who voted for you will bear the burdens and make the sacrifices if you will only keep your word and lead.

Now if you are but another corporate pawn…

But that’s a discussion for another day


One response to “The Blessing and the Benediction of “Fuck You”

  1. i luv u, delthea. and fuck those scotus turkeys too.

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