A Word on Shaming the Devil

A Word on Shaming the Devil

“Speak the truth and shame the devil!”
I heard this saying all the time I was growing up. It was usually said as an affirmation of agreement with some previous statement and that previous statement was usually a pronouncement of some now obvious truth that before either those present had overlooked or more often had purposely avoided.
It was never about a guy in a red cape with horns, a goatee, and a pitchfork.
In our day to day lives, we often avoid the truth, it’s easier that way. In avoiding that truth, we allow the petty cruelties of life to fester and kill us all by tiny cuts. Evil lives in the willful blindness we practice when we look the other way. Our own devils dwell in our silent acquiescence to small and large tyrannies of the status quo and travesties of justice.
But when we break from our go-along-to-get-along mentality and say in truth “This is wrong,” we shame the devils of silent compliance and blind obedience and make them smaller, take their power, and expose their evil.
We grow our souls this way. We grow our faith this way. We build the Kingdom this way.
As the people of Ferguson continue today to speak their truth, let us all do the same. With them and in our own lives, let us all strive for a love supreme, a holy truth, and a soul salved in a Balm of Gilead.


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