An Act of Prayer

Let’s face it.

My tossing a soda can in a recycle bin will not stop global warming, will not stop the depletion of finite resources nor will it make Rush Limbaugh just go away.

And yet I do it.

My turning a light out in a room, even if I’m only going to be gone a few minutes won’t make a dent in the electric bill, won’t stop Progress Energy from using coal fired plants instead solar panels and windmills, and it also won’t make Rush Limbaugh just go away.

And yet I do it.

So why do I do it?

As an act of prayer.

See, the little things I do aren’t meant to change the world, they are meant to change me. They make me mindful, thoughtful, and invested. And if I do them long enough, they not only change my mind, but they change my heart, they grow my soul.

So when I come into communion and fellowship with others, we can be of one accord. We can be a people united. We can be a collective for change. Together, we just might make all the Rush Limbaughs of the world go away.

So do separate the trash and cut out the light and all the other little things that don’t change the world. Then go out in world together with others and in one accord, do the big things that do change world, that bring about beloved community, that build the Kingdom.


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