Facebook Nation, Part 2

In Facebook Nation it is easy to “like” and hashtag your way into activism, to click and comment your way into speaking your mind.

It is cathartic.

It is therapeutic.

It is not going to change a blessed thing.

The best thing that ever happened to the powers that be was the internet, social media, and smart phones. Yes, the word gets out (think everything from Arab Spring to Ferguson) but do the people get out? For every marcher in the street, there dozens, hundreds, or even thousands who like a picture of a protest and find themselves contented and never move from their chairs. They click a screen and say their work is done.

History is made by the people who show up. Hashtags and instagrams didn’t stop tanks in Tiananmen Square, didn’t knock down the Berlin Wall, or Occupy Wall Street. Nor did they ride busses that Freedom Summer, write a Letter from Birmingham Jail, sit down in a plant in Flint MI, stand silent sentry outside the White House so that women could speak up at the polls, or spill blood brother against brother on Cemetery Ridge in Gettysburg.

History is made by the people who show up. It really is that simple. Forces for ill have shown up and through immorality, irrationality, and fear taken up the reigns of power in this state and across the country and they are intent on bringing forth their own world order. A country not of citizens, but disconnected aggregates of workers and the destitute left with employment training but not education, insurance premiums but not healthcare, toil with long hours and short pay, and no voice nor vote to change that dire situation and make it otherwise.

This need not be our story. We have time left to change the course of history. We can show up, speak up, and stand up for the moral, thoughtful, the compassionate. For what is right.


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