Speaking from Our Scars, Speaking from Our Wounds

From time to time, when we and others are hurting, we are asked to speak on things, to speak to people, to tell about events. In those times we must be careful to speak from our scars and not from our wounds.

Our scars are the places we have learned, the places we have cried, and the places we have healed. They are our “E-spots” (empathy spots), the places from which our humanity springs. Here the pain is duller now and can often be forgotten, but the mark is still there to reminds us, chastise us, humble us. From our scars, we can take wisdom and comfort and pass those on to others in a most virtuous cycle.

Our wounds are fresh and painful and maddening, from there we get our rage, our fear, our need for retribution. Anger, righteous and just or deflective and deceptive, flows with the blood and it strengthens and weakens us. We strike out in fury, blind in the white heat of pain and sorrow and hurts so deep they burn cold. From our wounds, we scatter our humanity and leave in its stead our shadow selves seeking relief from the torment and the grief by passing the misery to others in a vain hope of healing. Yet, the wounds do not heal and the misery is simply multiplied.

So we must learn to speak from our scars and not our wounds, and in doing so, we can then come to heal, one wound at a time, perhaps the world.


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