In the Unitarian Universalist church we hold to no creeds, but we do hold to Seven Principles, the first of which is “The inherent worth and dignity of every person.”

We don’t really mean it.

I listen to sermons, I go to Sunday School and discussion groups. I read sermons from other churches online. I talk with and more importantly, I listen to people during coffee hour. And I have come to the conclusion…

We don’t really mean it.

Repeatedly, we speak of Standing on the Side of Love, we speak of marching in solidarity and not charity, we say all the right things, up to a point, and then the truth sneaks through.

We don’t really mean it.

There is a meme on Facebook now, I have posted it myself and some of you reading this have liked it, speaking to remembering those of our brothers and sisters in prison for non-violent offences in this festive season. I do not disagree with this, else I would not have posted it. But why the qualifier? Why not ask us to remember people in prison for violent offences. Are they not worthy of our thoughts, our prayers, being held in the light? Do they not need such things as much as if not more than anyone? Do they not have inherent worth and dignity?

The more I read the meme, the more people I could hear in my head saying just those words, feeling oh so smug in our liberality, in our open mindedness, Not just Unitarians Universalists, but Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, good people all who consider themselves enlightened and compassionate but all of us prone to demand qualifications before others can be gifted our enlightenment, our compassion. If a gift has to be earned by passing a test, is it really a gift?

Savage Love is a pure love. It knows no qualifications. It burns with sacred fire that consumes not yet burns forever. it speaks to all who see it. It is both what is and what will be and what has been. It is found in the wilderness, the prophecy of a wild God. It is fierce and fearful and most will flee from it.

It is time we walked in the wilderness again, time we sought the sacred fire, to stand in holy fear before it, to hear its prophecy, to bring it back to many who fled from it in the form of our savage love. It is time to hold to the First Principle

And this time mean it.

Have a Holy New Year


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