My kid and I were having one of those rambling conversations people have when there is nothing on TV and raindrops do a soft shoe down window panes. We were speaking of many things and within those many things, the subject of race came up, but not the ‘negro problem” but the pearl of great price known as whiteness.

You know, whiteness is a powerful thing. So powerful in fact that it has managed to make slaves out of white people so desperate to hold onto a myth a supremacy that they would rather share whiteness with the white man kicking them in the ass than share better wages, better working conditions, and better benefits with someone who looked like me. Poor and working class white folk all over this country defend austere economic policies and vote for representatives who actively seek to remove any and all worker protections on the books, all for a promise that people of color will get no “special treatment,” nothing they have not earned and earned hard. They will depend on a contribution jar left on a convenience store counter and the change strangers get from a ten to pay for the healthcare of their children, rather than demand a broader and more comprehensive universal healthcare at a more affordable price, They will lose their homes to sub prime mortgage scams rather than demand regulations that could save the limited assets of their families and their generations to come.

Damn strong drug, this whiteness, Blinds you, binds you, then it never minds you.


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