Gift to a New Mother

I wrote this one for my friend Natalie’s wall.
I thought I would share it here as well

Gift to a New Mother

Your child will break your stuff.
Your child will try you every time you set a boundary
Your child will deny you sleep for the rest of your life
Your child will say hurtful things
Your child will behave in embarrassing ways
Your child will laugh at you
Your child will push you to edge of madness and heartbreak and then push you two feet further


Your child will give you stuff (some of it still living)
Your child will bring you into that wondrous place called his world
Your child will sleep on you chest and his heart will beat with yours until you think yours will burst with awe of him
Your child will say amazing things, things you never knew without his words
Your child will behave in ways too proudful for tongue to tell
Your child will laugh with you
Your child will take your hand and heart to the fullness of a love that will be a lifetime long and then guide you two feet further.

This is the gift of motherhood. This is the gift of your child.
Take it all and be thee more than blessed, know thou art divinely favored.


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