Knowledge and wisdom are changing things. Each in its own revelation turns and turns and turns again. No one glance at a precious gem can ever define completely its beauty and so it is true of the knowing of anything and all things. Understanding sits on a fog that rolls, that ebbs and flows; that obscures and reveals as it will. We must be vigilant in order to see what is revealed when the fog rolls back. We must be practiced in imagining what could be just behind the veil when the fog rolls in.

We are creatures of gathering, more the gazelle than the leopard. We come together because we must, but we stay together because we choose. We can demand our presence be accepted in the company of others, whether they wish to have us or not, and grow weeds of resentment and loathing. Or we can choose to come into the company of others under mutual agreement and grow the connections of interdependence and empathy and love. It is our choice, freely made, that makes real relationships of equality, justice, and ultimately grace.

We are existential architects of our destiny. We are not kites held by the strings of others and blown by the winds of fate, but sailors who harness the wind and guide our ships as we will. We plot our course. We pick our destination. We navigate among sea and stars. Terrestrial and cosmic currents flow as they will but we discover how best to use them to forward our journey.

We are called to build the kingdom. We can build that place where caring is encouraged and connection is praised. We can build that place where we feed each other and no one goes hungry. We can build that place where sanctuary is not just shelter but a practiced prayer of protection of others and humility for self.
We do the things of life; we strive for the bettering of life, because we long for warmer suns and kinder hearts. We engineer changes in the environs of life, for we are a species aware of promise, aware of potential, and that awareness births in every newborn an aspiration known as hope. Sometimes hope is good and sometimes hope is bad, but in all things, hope is present. Hope is the gateway to the easing of suffering and strife. Hope is why we love, why we birth, why we struggle on.

These are things I believe. As a list, they are incomplete for life is a continuous thing, ever changing, ever evolving. As a starting point, they are strong and good. They are also hard and sometimes I fall short of the glory, but in grace and faith, I choose to struggle on. I choose vigilance. I choose mutual assent and good accord. I choose my path and responsibility for it. I choose working to build the community I wish to see.

I choose hope.

I choose love.


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