Where Have All the Occupiers Gone: A word on ‪#‎OWS‬

Actually the movement Occupy Wall Street isn’t gone. The same people are still around, still doing “the Lord’s work.”
It just may be under a different name or the work is done on a local level.

We have this linear view of history where there is protest and laws get changed and the good guys win. No movement has been like that and no movement ever will be. Movements are messy and for every Dr. King there are a hundred Rev. Murphy’s. For every civil rights act that is passed there are a hundred that never even make it into committee and thousands that never make it to congressman’s office. For every step forward there are a hundred stumbles, fumbles, retreats and restarts. The struggle is ongoing, the path is thorny and by no means straight. What most people see on the news are the places in the road where the lightning strikes. They never see footprints, handprints, and trails of crawling left everyday


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