Is America in Decline?

This is from my first blog here AT THE CORNER OF GRACE AND DAMNATION

at the corner of grace and damnation

We were asked the question, Is the US in decline?

Being Unitarian/Universalists the overwhelming response was YES! The conservatives were taking this country down the wrong path and only more liberal public policy could save us all. Two people dissented and said no, both coming to the conclusion that life is cyclical and while things may not look good now, they would turn around and we would once again be on the right track.

I spoke and said that I didn’t know is the US was declining or not. As an African American woman, in my neighborhood, double digit unemployment is the norm, people get evicted, houses get auctioned off, kids get shitty treatment in the school system and the officers are not always friendly.

And then there was obligatory reference to how much better things were in the 1950s. Every time that was brought up all I could see…

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