On Coming to One Accord

On coming to one accord
My mother used to say to my brother, my cousin,s and me when we would get rowdy and all try to talk to once, “We can all sing together, but we can’t all talk together.”
She was right.
When we sing, we share the same words, we follow the same melody, we harmonize in purpose to complement and support each other; we are of a single chord which we use to create in common a thing most glorious.
When we try to talk over one another, when we each sing only our own melody in each our own key, when we hear only our drummer and refuse to hear any other, we are in discord and what we may in earnestness seek to build up we instead tear down, we lay waste to the thing we hoped to create; we descend into a damnation of insignificance.
As we go forward in our good work, let us not be so petty as to seek each our own aggrandizement, our own agendas, our own acclaim, but rather we come together in dedication to common cause and construction of a shining city on a hill, a place were all may come and in good company share one accord.
Let us settle disputes quickly and hold agreements indefatigably. Let us listen humbly and speak charitably and above all else, may we never take our eyes off the prize.
If we do these things, and pedestrian things of showing up, knocking on doors, and speaking truth, the generations will see us blessed.
Amen and Amen.


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