A Word on the Stars and Bars

You do realize that taking down a flag isn’t enough. White people in America have got to end their love affair with the Old South, and all Americans have to end their blind acceptance of a plantation mentality. Slavery has to be seen for what it was and what it meant not just to black people but white people as well. Slavery, that peculiar institution, introduced into the American psyche, the American soul everything from white privilege and fragility to America’s love affair with the gun to an attitude among our workers that collective bargaining is anti american and we should all just be thankful to have job period no matter how dangerous or poorly compensated. Don’t rock the boat, just accept what is handed to you and move on.

Are we as nation ready to “No, I will not go along to get along. I will not accept the status quo. Things don’t have to be this way in the future because they have been that way in the past. I am my brother’s keeper and he mine and we together will stand no more lies about each other. I will not hate my brother for his skin nor fear him for his history. Today is the day we take our blinders off and see the world for what it is. Today is the day we begin the end of our exploitation and manipulation. Today is the day that we will all be free!”


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