Thank You Poppa

Thank you Poppa

For a belly that made you a perfect Santa Claus
For a laugh that bordered between a hoot owl and an angel
For being the perfect napping lap
For all those quarters for pinball and ice cream (even when Momma said your weren’t supposed to)
For taking me to see Sleeping Beauty everyday for a week.
For the Fascinating stories
For Jokes so bad they killed wildlife.
For good looking out
For the long hours walking a beat, mopping floors, driving hearses and all the jobs you worked
For doing without things you needed to give us things we wanted.
For holding me safe when we didn’t know if Momma was going to live or die
For even when you were too ill to speak anymore, giving me a smile whenever I needed it.

For all these things and so much more
Thank you Poppa. We miss you and as always we love you.


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