The sky cried today
The brow of god grew dark and gray above a dry dry world.
Trees bowed and swayed to the inhalation and exhalation of a respiration divine
Grass lifted leaves in prayer and drank the holy water that fell free or rolled from trees or sprayed wide riding on a breeze.
The ground laid dry, the sky cried and compassion fell to earth.

The children made a pact today
The children, skittering between the drops of rain, skipping over pouring drains, and making efforts and taking pains not to muddy their clothes again
The smallest one, the slowest one, the one who lagged behind did not make it to the corner in time, did not make the light in time, did not miss the car this time that hit the puddle and splashed the grubby, gritty, grimy water all over his yellow slicker and hat.
The bigger kids, the faster kids, the cleaner kids, the not in trouble kids, came back across the street one by one and each one without a word jumped into the puddle at the corner till all were grubby and gritty and grimy.
The children made a pact today and compassion covered the earth.

I thought about him today
I watched the raindrops trail slow against the window glass, tracing the paths with my finger’s point the way we used to do.
I think of him most every day. I try to do the things we used to do so that I may see his face, his grace, his finger’s point against the panes of glass.
People call and some stop by. They try to make me feel better, brighter, happier than the day before.
I try, but forced smiles and weak guile and “it will be better in a little while” do not mend a thread bare heart.
I grow tired and drop into the comfy chair we used to share and read to one another next to the picture window.
Coffy trots in and jumps on my lap. He nuzzles his cold hose beneath my hand and I stroke his silky hair. He lies across my lap, his snout resting now on the arm of the comfy chair. He looks at me from time to time with a sadness I almost cannot bear.

Coffy knows. He always does.

So we rest and watch the sky cry and the children skitter, and in the silence Coffy and I stroke and nuzzle and sit.
I thought about him today and Coffy let me have my sadness, let me share my sadness, shared his with me and compassion came to earth.


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