A Word on White Liberals on Playing the Trump Card

There is a belief among white liberals that all white people, given the facts of a situation, will change opinions and do or think the right thing. I hear it all the time among colleagues, white people at church, friends even in academia who really should know better. It is this belief that leads white democrats to say that they wish The Donald would win the nomination because in the debates he would show himself to be a total idiot. And people won’t vote for an idiot, That would be illogical.

Hello? The man has been showing himself to be a total idiot for YEARS now. And in this campaign, the more idiotic the things he says, the higher in the polls he goes! If Trump can pull off winning the nomination, that will mean even MORE white people will vote for him in the general, not FEWER. It will mean he has legitimized bigotry and eliminated any shame associated with race hatred. It will not only let the Djinn out of the bottle but take off his chains and break the bottle.


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