White People Are Brand New

Did you know that White People are brand new?

Not all white people. Some white people were actually on this planet before last Tuesday. I know. I saw them.

But on a fairly regular basis, and especially in February, I find myself discovering again and again that there are these fully grown and often already middle aged or old white people who are brand new.

How do I find these people? I will tell you. They post on the internet. And the things they post tell me that they have no knowledge of history beyond about a week, maybe two weeks, ago.

Now this being February, the favorite post of these people is: Why do we have to have a Black History month? That’s segregation!

Let that sink in for a moment.

Black History Month is separating people by race and elevating one group while denigrating all others. Black History Month is doing that.

Black History Month is making certain people sit on the back of the bus and denying them voting rights. Black History Month is sending certain children to inferior schools and denying all kinds of people the use of restrooms and water fountains.

Black History Month is a bad mother … (shut your mouth).

Other questions posted by these brand new white people are:

Why do we have HBCUs and the United Negro College Fund?
Why do we have a BET network?
Why do we have the NAACP?

And the answer to all these questions is the same. Because history is older than last Tuesday.

Now if the brand new people continue to ask these questions, show them the way to the public library or even better, the Google Machine.

If they want to know, they will do the research. If they don’t do the research, then they really didn’t want to know and no answer you give them will satisfy them.


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