Not the Best, Just Living in a Moment of Grace

Some of you may not know this about me but I have been known to argue politics on the internet. I know, shocking right?

Well, today i was arguing politics with a woman I do not know and she got right upset with me. And normally I would have gotten upset too, but i didn’t. I didn’t rise to anger. I stayed focus and on point and I watched this woman (as much as you can “watch” someone on Facebook) jump from point to point, avoid the question at hand and become more agitated, animated, and accusatory in her word choice. I realized she wasn’t arguing with me, but herself. She wasn’t angry with me, but herself. She wasn’t accusing me, attacking me, assailing me but assuaging herself.

I held no false assumptions about my side of the argument. I had not vested my emotions in it. My heart and soul were not under attack simply because someone disagreed with me. But not the same for her. I believe the difference to be not that i was somehow a better debater than she, but this morning I was just in a better place than she. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally I was just in a better place. It could have been just as easily been the other way around. Just this morning, it wasn’t.

I don’t pity this other women or look down on her. I do however understand her and that but for the grace of … well you know the rest.

And sometimes just understanding that fact, is the greatest gift we can give another soul.


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