Integration works. Segregation doesn’t. Neighborhood schools, no matter how well intentioned, are a segregating agent.

Are we a community of citizens or a collection of enclaves each separate and unto itself? Are the children in the schools here your children and my children and those over there’s children, or are they all our children?

We dream ourselves a city on a hill and go into our houses of worship and preach to ourselves the joy and fellowship of brotherhood and a love universal. We kneel in prayer that our children and our children’s children live in a place free of fear of one another and steeped in an abundancy of trust and love. Then we rise and go out into the world and live another life.

Must we leave our gospels behind doors of locked churches and live lives divorced of our aspirations? We can build that shining city and we can have that bright future, but the work is hard and it must done not in worlds apart but in communion together.


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