A Little Bit of Truth

Our Story for the Day
A Little Bit of Truth

(The story is not mine, but this is my telling of it)

Satan and an Imp sat high on a cloud that ringed a great blue mountain. They sat there staring down a long and winding road. They sat there an awfully long time.

In the middle of the afternoon, on the eastern horizon, a figure appeared, walking on the road. As the figure grew closer, Satan and the Imp could see it was a man. Not a tall or short man, not a rich or a poor man, not a thin or fat, just an ordinary man. As the man walked on, the sun glinted off something beside the road and it caught his attention. He stepped off the road, stooped down, ran his fingers through the grass until he felt what he had seen. Upon standing he cleaned the little dirt that was on it, smiled at what he had found, put it in his pocket and continued on his way. Satan smiled.

“Father,” asked the Imp, “what did the man just find?”

Said Satan, “Oh, he just found a little bit of truth.”

“Oh Father! Shouldn’t we go after him and take it from him? Surely we don’t man to have the truth!” said the Imp.

“My son,” said Satan, “Do not worry. It is only a little bit of truth. The man will take it home and polish it and look at it and come to set great store by it. He will place it high in his home and come to worship it and demand others do the same. Then it will become dogma. And then he will be working for me.”

Satan and the Imp smiled and went back to looking down the road until the sun finally set.


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