A Word on the Deserving and Undeserving Poor.

Underlying the problems with the provision of healthcare, public education, and food for the citizenry is the belief in the deserving and undeserving poor. We identify the problem not with the existence of a social condition (poverty), but with the people effected (the poor). They are then declared responsible for their want. Then we place moral judgments on the poor, measuring them along a latitude of right and a longitude of wrong and depending on what coordinates they fall, we determine their worthiness for our pity or our disdain.
Poverty is a problem of unsatisfactory distribution of resources throughout a society, not the lack of perfection in the individual. If every drug addict living on the streets gave up their addiction tomorrow, no jobs would then magically appear to offer them employment and income. If every recipient of SNAP turn in their EBT cards in the morning, food would not miraculously appear in their refrigerators in the afternoon. And if every teacher in the nation had 100% passing rates for their students on the various end of grade tests given across the country, those teachers would not see the end of the education cartels and their grab of control of public education.
Personal behavior will not change outcomes that stem from systemic design. Systemic design must change. And blaming the victim never brought about that kind of change.


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