Propaganda and Illusion: Practicing Hatred of Work in America

I believe underlying capitalist morality is a hatred for work, especially work for someone else. This is why so many policies from the right of the political spectrum, the pro capitalism/pro business folks, involve punishment as incentive to work. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat,” because only by threat of starvation would anyone work for anyone else. Work is seen as dirty and contemptuous and by extension so are workers which is why worker rights, unions, labor laws, etc., are all seen as evil. And the cover for this hatred is the biggest betrayal of all for these calls to marginalize and degrade work and workers are then cloaked in a propaganda of freedom and an illusion of choice. The right to work (for less and less), at will employment (generally the employer’s will), deregulation (which is actually reregulation in favor of capital and management and to the detriment of labor) along with the ownership society, easy credit, and education loans (reintroduction of debt peonage) all work side by side with a more and more regressive tax structure and cuts to social spending to ensure the masses swell the ranks of poverty and near poverty economic status; proper place and punishment for people who work for a living and not invest to make a killing.


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